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A Clean Slate? How North Carolina's Expunction Law Can Help With Criminal Traffic Offenses

An expunction is the legal process of destroying all records of an arrest or conviction. The purpose of an expunction is to give someone a fresh start. If an expungement is successful, it can make it easier to find a job or housing. However, the process is not automatic, and there are certain requirements that must be met in order for an offense to be eligible for expunction.

This article will discuss some of the rules governing expungement in North Carolina.

North Carolina's Expunction Law

North Carolina's expunction law allows for the expunction of certain traffic offenses from your record. If you are eligible, the law allows you to have your criminal record erased. This means that potential employers, landlords, and others will not be able to see your criminal history.

Since there is no officially available record of the arrest or charge, an expunction can also help improve your chances of getting approved for a loan. Many lenders consider criminal history when making lending decisions, so having serious traffic offenses such as a DUI on your record can make it difficult to get approved for a loan.

To be eligible for expunction, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

• The charge against you has been dismissed or nolle prosequi by the prosecutor.

• You have been found not guilty of the charge against you.

• You are filing for an expunction for an offense that happened before you were at the age of majority.

• You only had non-violent misdemeanor or felony convictions and a minimum of five years (for misdemeanors) or 10 years (for felonies) have passed since you completed your probation or sentence.

Just Arrested? Try to Get Your Traffic Charge Reduced or Dismissed

If you have just been arrested for a traffic offense, you may be feeling scared and unsure of what to do. Of course, no one wants to have a criminal offense on their record. But there is hope. At Coastal South Law, we can help you try to get your traffic charge reduced to a non-criminal charge. We may also be able to get your charge dismissed.

There are many ways to get a traffic charge reduced or dismissed. For example, if the officer who arrested you did not have proper cause, the charges may be dropped. Or, if this is your first offense, we could work to convince the judge to be lenient and give you a lower fine or no jail time.

If you have already been convicted of a criminal traffic offense in North Carolina, you may need an expunction. Contact an attorney at Coastal South Law to determine if you are eligible to file the necessary paperwork to have your conviction expunged.

We know the ins and outs of traffic law ,and we will work tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome. Work with us if you seek to get your life back on track and wish to move forward without the burden of a criminal record.

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