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Caught With Laced Marijuana in North Carolina: What Do I Do?

In a typical drug network, marijuana changes hands many times. By the time it reaches the “low-level dealer” or recreational user, it may have been processed on countless occasions. The most obvious processing strategies involve dividing the drugs into progressively smaller bags. However, dealers may also attempt to boost profit margins by adding or “lacing” cannabis with additional products. If you were caught with laced marijuana in North Carolina, can you face consequences?

Why Do Dealers Lace Marijuana with Other Substances

There are two main incentives to lace marijuana with other drugs: Increasing weight or altering the high. By increasing the net weight of marijuana by even a few percentage points, dealers can earn more on each sale. The added substance does not necessarily need to be another drug to accomplish this goal. The other incentive involves altering the effects of the drug – usually resulting in a stronger or more addictive “high.” The logic is that this will make marijuana more popular, thereby increasing sales. Both strategies have the potential to increase net profits. 

What if I Did Not Know My Drugs Were Laced?

Many people in North Carolina are surprised to discover that their marijuana is laced with other controlled substances. Some of the most common additives to marijuana include hard drugs like PCP, crack, and cocaine. Low-level dealers may also have no idea about these substances if the processing occurred much higher up in the supply chain. 

It is important to understand that simply possessing drugs is enough to warrant criminal charges. You do not necessarily need to be aware of the presence of PCP, cocaine, or fentanyl in your marijuana supply to face heightened penalties for these harder drugs. Past cases have established that in order for drug possession to be wrongful, you only need to be aware that the drug is a controlled substance. 

In the end, this is a complex legal area – and one that you probably need professional help with. A qualified, experienced marijuana defense attorney can determine the most appropriate defense strategy based on your unique situation. 

Note that if you were selling laced marijuana (even unwittingly) rather than simply possessing it for recreational use, you may face more severe consequences. This is especially true if your laced marijuana causes overdoses. In 2022, police in Salisbury warned that marijuana had caused four overdoses across central North Carolina. They claimed that the drug may have been laced with another drug – possibly fentanyl. All four of the overdoses were fatal. 

Find an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in North Carolina

If you are searching for a marijuana defense attorney in North Carolina, look no further than Coastal South Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous defendants strive for positive results – including those facing marijuana-related charges. If you unwittingly possessed marijuana laced with another drug, you should not face excessive penalties for something you had no control over. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective defense strategy. 


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