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Experienced DWI Lawyers in Wilmington, NC

Have you recently been charged with a DWI and need DWI lawyers in Wilmington, NC? If so, the DWI lawyers at Coastal South Law provides legal counsel throughout your case. Legal cases can be complex and often confusing, especially with DWI, driving while impaired charges. Driver's licenses are an essential part of everyday life, and we understand the importance of them. Without a driver's license, it can be challenging to accomplish tasks, travel, and work. We are dedicated to using our expertise to help our clients get minimal collateral consequences to their driving record. Our team works with you so that you understand your charges and your case. We provide tailored services to meet the needs of your specific case. With Coastal South Law, you are in good hands. If you or a loved one was recently charged with a DWI in Wilmington, NC, contact Coastal South Law for a free consultation with our DWI lawyers.

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If you or a loved one received a traffic attorney in Wilmington, NC, contact Coastal South Law to schedule a free consultation. 





Having a legal issue is generally an unpleasant experience. It may mean that you have been arrested, hurt, injured, or wronged in some way.  At Coastal South Law, we understand how confused you may be feeling, and stand ready to protect your rights and to fight in your corner. You don’t have to go at this alone.



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