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North Carolina Authorities are Ramping Up Efforts to Catch Speeders

While speeding is unlawful in the Tar Heel State, you cannot face the consequences if the police never catch you. This may be more difficult than it seems, however, especially with recent initiatives taken by the North Carolina police. If you are already facing consequences for speeding in North Carolina, you may already be well aware of these new initiatives. In this situation, it may make sense to speak with a qualified speeding defense lawyer in North Carolina. Remember, speeding can be prosecuted as a class 3 misdemeanor in the Tar Heel State.

North Carolina Police Buy Mustang GTs to Catch Speeders

In late April of 2024, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol announced that they had acquired 25 Ford Mustang GTs in an effort to crack down on speeders. These police vehicles are the 2024 variants with 486-horsepower engines and upgraded GT Performance packages. This optional upgrade comes with better brakes, suspension, differentials, and many other improvements. 

While the State Police didn’t reveal how they planned to use the vehicles, the implication is quite clear: These fast cars will help Troopers catch up to anyone who attempts to speed on highways. Even if you take to the streets in one of the most expensive sportscars available, it may be difficult to outrun Troopers driving these vehicles. 

The “Speed a Little, Lose a Lot” Campaign

At around the same time, North Carolina launched a new campaign called “Speed a Little, Lose a Lot.” Police then spent the next week or so specifically hunting down anyone who broke the speed limit across the state. It is not clear how many speeders they managed to catch, but motorists should expect more of these initiatives in the future.

Teen Dies After Speeding in Burke County

Speeding does not only put other people at risk – it can also endanger the driver. In May of 2024, it was reported that a 16-year-old girl had lost her life after speeding in Burke County. According to the police, she was driving a pickup truck at “excessive speeds” when she veered off the side of the road, down an embankment, and into a tree. The impact caused critical injuries that proved fatal. 

The girl’s father was also riding in the vehicle as a passenger, but he survived. It is not clear why the girl was speeding intentionally or whether the accident was caused by inexperience. 

Find a Qualified Speeding Defense Attorney in North Carolina

Whether you are facing criminal penalties or a simple traffic ticket, fighting your speeding offense is often the right move. With a North Carolina speeding defense lawyer at your side, this might be easier than you realize. Contact Coastal South Law to discuss your legal options in more detail. We can help you avoid fines, license suspensions, and even incarceration. 

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