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Penalties for Cocaine DWIs on Golf Carts in North Carolina

Golf carts are becoming increasingly popular in North Carolina. Although these vehicles are particularly common in golfing communities, they are also appearing in senior living communities and rural neighborhoods. Many people prefer golf carts to traditional road vehicles for various reasons – including sustainability, fun, and convenience. However, some individuals specifically drive golf carts because they believe this will help them avoid potential DWIs after consuming cocaine. What should you do if you’re facing a cocaine DWI in North Carolina after riding a golf cart?

The Exact Same DWI Laws Apply to Golf Carts

The first thing you need to know is that DWI laws in North Carolina apply to all motorized vehicles. These include not only normal road cars, but also golf carts, e-scooters, and many other variants. In fact, DWI laws in North Carolina even apply to non-motorized vehicles as well – and you could face charges for operating a bicycle while intoxicated. 

In other words, if police catch you behind the wheel of a golf cart while intoxicated, they can charge you with a DWI. Do not expect any special treatment because you were driving a golf cart – especially if you caused an accident or injuries. The inapplicability of DWI laws to golf carts is a common misconception. 

How Can Police Tell That I am High on Cocaine While Driving a Golf Cart?

North Carolina also has strict laws against operating vehicles under the influence of cocaine. This falls under the same general DWI laws as alcoholic intoxication, although you face much lower thresholds when it comes to defining “impairment.” While you might get away with operating a golf cart with a BAC level of 0.07, the same does not apply to cocaine. If you are caught with any cocaine in your system, you could face DWI charges. 

According to North Carolina law, even a relatively low level of cocaine in your blood or urine automatically makes you “impaired.” Although you might not agree with this, there is no getting around the law. 

The Same Defenses Apply

It might seem shocking to learn that the exact same DWI laws apply to golf carts, but you can use the same basic defense strategies that apply to situations involving motorized vehicles. A qualified defense attorney can call into question any blood or urine tests you may have taken. Test results may be especially unreliable if you have consumed cocaine long ago and the effects wore off before you start driving your golf cart. 

Find a Cocaine Defense Lawyer in North Carolina

If you have been searching for an experienced cocaine defense lawyer in North Carolina, look no further than Coastal South Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous defendants – including those who are facing golf cart DUIs. We know that alleged cocaine intoxication can complicate the issue considerably, and we’re here to help. With our assistance, you can strive for the most optimal outcomes in a confident, efficient manner. Book your consultation today to get started. 

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