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Police Carry Out Widespread Cocaine Crackdown in North Carolina

Within the space of about a week, police have cracked down on numerous alleged cocaine dealers across North Carolina. “Drug sweeps” occurred in Cumberland County, downtown Raleigh, and Lee County. Numerous suspects were taken into custody on cocaine charges, including one who faces a Class C felony for allegedly causing an overdose. Whether you were caught up in this crackdown or not, it made sense to contact a North Carolina defense attorney when facing cocaine charges. 

Police Crack Down on Alleged Cocaine Dealers Throughout the Nation

In May of 2024, police in North Carolina carried out a number of raids and crackdowns across the state, taking numerous people into custody. On May 20, the Lee County Sheriff’s office stated that they had located the man who allegedly sold narcotics to an overdose victim a few months prior. 

The dealer, who apparently hails from Robeson County, attempted to hide a baggy of cocaine in his mouth when being booked at the magistrate’s office. Deputies “persuaded” the man to spit out the baggy, and 12 grams of cocaine were found inside. It is not clear how the authorities discovered that this was the same man who sold the fatal dose. 

North Carolina’s new “Death by Distribution” law now makes providing a fatal drug dose a Class C felony. After being passed in 2023, this bill has led to many arrests and convictions in the Tar Heel State. You can face charges even if you “deliver” a drug – and prosecutors do not need to prove a “drug transaction” took place. 

Two days later, numerous drugs and firearms were seized during a raid on two separate residences in Cumberland County. However, only 1.38 grams of cocaine were seized. Under North Carolina law, however, this could still lead to a Class I felony and months of incarceration. 

One week later, North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) cracked down on numerous bars in downtown Raleigh. The organization had spent months investigating three particular bars, eventually discovering that a staggering number of employees and customers were actively involved in the illegal drug trade. At least two employees of one bar are accused of selling cocaine and marijuana to customers. 

The investigation led to a search at one customer’s home in Raleigh, and officers located “more than an ounce” of cocaine, various pills, and nine firearms. While the investigation found that numerous bar employees in all three establishments were “drinking on the job,” only one bar seems to have hired drug dealers. 

Contact a North Carolina Cocaine Defense Lawyer

If you are facing cocaine charges in North Carolina, get in touch with an experienced defense lawyer at your earliest convenience. Choose Coastal South Law to get started with a defense strategy geared toward your unique circumstances. While internet research is a positive start, it cannot take into account your specific situation. During an initial consultation, you can discuss your needs and priorities in more detail. Reach out today to begin the process. 

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