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Police Crack Down on Speeding Drivers in North Carolina

Within the past few weeks, numerous incidents in North Carolina have led to speeding charges for various drivers. Some of these speeding tickets stem from the “Dare to 55” program initiated by police departments across the State. However, other defendants faced speeding offenses in addition to related crimes – such as street racing and fleeing officers. What can you do if you were charged with speeding in North Carolina?

Dare to 55 “Safety Event” Leads to 10 Arrests and 75 Tickets

In late June 2024, local police departments conducted a “Dare to 55” safety event. This event involved saturation patrols or “wolf packs” across U.S. 158, and officers arrested 10 people. 75 individuals were also issued various tickets – including speeding citations. One of the most interesting aspects of this program is its mobile Breath Alcohol Testing Units – also known as “BAT Units.” 

Police noted that within this single crackdown, they managed to cite 25 individuals for speeding. Some of these individuals undoubtedly faced additional citations and charges – from failing to wear a seatbelt to driving while intoxicated. 

The name “Dare to 55” is a reference to Dare County, North Carolina. However, it is also a reference to the “daring” nature of someone who exceeds 55 miles per hour on normal roadways. It is almost as if police are “daring” drivers to speed and see what happens next. This program is also connected with Operation Booze It & Lose It, which is somewhat self-explanatory. 

Man Faces Numerous Charges After Speeding Away From Police

In July 2024, Fox8 reported that a man was facing numerous charges after speeding away from police at a Target parking lot in Greenville. The man was allegedly exposing himself in public, prompting a response by police and an arrest attempt. However, the man was able to dash to his parked vehicle and zoom into the distance. A police officer tried to stop him, but the suspect closed his car window on the officer’s arm – dragging him for several yards before escaping. They found him a short while later hiding underneath a trailer – and a speeding ticket became the least of his criminal charges. 

Can You Fight Speeding Tickets Along with Criminal Charges?

A lawyer can help you fight both citations and criminal charges. In fact, fighting an allegation of speeding could potentially help you avoid other criminal charges. 

Find an Experienced Speeding Defense Attorney in North Carolina

If you have been searching for an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help you with your speeding ticket in North Carolina, look no further than Coastal South Law. Not only can we assist with speeding offenses, but we can also help with related crimes – such as fleeing police or street racing. Although internet research provides basic insights, a consultation with a lawyer may offer more personalized guidance. Reach out today to get started with an effective defense strategy. 

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