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What You Need to Know About North Carolina’s New Gun Laws

In July of 2023, a new set of gun laws went into effect in North Carolina. While these laws give gun owners many new freedoms and rights, some may be confused about the details. If you are a gun owner in the Tar Heel State, keeping tabs on ever-changing gun laws is one of the most tiresome aspects of this hobby. However, it is necessary to at least develop a cursory understanding of new legislation. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense, and it is all too easy to experience legal consequences if you are not up-to-date on the latest legislation.

North Carolina’s New Gun Laws Summarized

North Carolina’s new gun laws mostly deal with concealed carry restrictions. Although the new legislation was initially vetoed by Governor Cooper, his decision was overridden by the Senate. This law allows those with concealed carry permits to bring their firearms onto school properties during specific hours. The most important thing to understand about this specific law is that it does not go into effect until December of 2023.

This is somewhat confusing, as the rest of the legislation immediately went into effect in July of 2023. The specifics of this law are also confusing. You can carry guns on school property come December, but only if you are on church premises located on property shared with a school. You are only allowed to carry a concealed firearm on this property outside of school hours. In addition, you must choose a time when no extra-curricular activities are taking place on the property involving children (such as sports).

Additionally, it is now easier to obtain pistol purchase permits. You are no longer required to get a permit from your local sheriff before you obtain a pistol through either a private sale or a gift. This also applies when you purchase a firearm from a gun dealer, although the federal background check requirement is still necessary. In other words, you can now bypass the federal requirement for a background check if you purchase your firearms through private sales. For example, you might buy a used firearm from someone in your community. This is the most controversial aspect of the new legislation and has proven incredibly divisive.

Remember that many gun laws are still unclear, such as the State’s stance on ghost guns. While this clarifies many situations involving firearms in North Carolina, many grey areas remain. For best results, consult with a defense attorney to ensure you are operating within the law.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Defense Attorney in North Carolina?

If you have been searching for an experienced defense attorney in North Carolina, look no further than Coastal South Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous defendants in the Tar Heel State – including those who have faced firearms-related offenses. We understand that changing gun laws can be difficult to keep track of. With our assistance, you can get started with an effective defense strategy immediately. Reach out today to get started.

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