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How to Deal with Police in North Carolina After Being Pulled Over for Speeding

A traffic stop is never a pleasant experience – even if you have been pulled over for a relatively minor infraction like speeding in North Carolina. During this traffic stop, you can mitigate consequences and strive for positive results by following a few simple steps. With the right approach, it is possible to avoid paying your ticket and have your fines completely dismissed. 

  1. Follow Directions

Follow the officer’s directions carefully. In fact, you can give yourself more of an advantage by following directions before the officer even walks up to your vehicle. Put your hands on the very top of the steering wheel. Roll down your window, and place your wallet on the dashboard before interaction. In addition, you can open your glove box compartment to clearly show the officer its contents. The officer may appreciate these actions, as it will undoubtedly make them feel more safe. Remember, the whole point is to carry out these actions before the officer arrives at your window. If you do them afterward, the sudden movements may make the officer alarmed. 

  1. Be Respectful

A little politeness goes a long way. Remember, police officers are human beings, too. You might consider asking them how their day is going, as this may help put them at ease. Whatever you do, do not become rude or passive-aggressive. Even if you believe that the officer is making a mistake, this will only make things worse. If the officer has pulled you over, it means that they have already made a clear decision to issue you a ticket – and there is not much that can change their mind. This leads to the next point:

  1. Don’t Make Excuses

Police officers have heard every single excuse you can possibly imagine, so it’s best to avoid excuses entirely. Sometimes, officers test drivers and offer them the opportunity to give an excuse. For example, they might ask you if you’re late for work – and your instinct might be to say, “Yes, and that’s why I was speeding.” Remember, there is no excuse for speeding in the mind of a police officer. Giving an excuse will usually make things worse, no matter how creative that excuse is. 

  1. Ask for a Warning Instead

Instead of giving an excuse, try asking for a warning. If the police officer is feeling generous, they might just let you off the hook. When determining whether to give you a warning and not a ticket, the officer will look back on the entire interaction thus far – which is why the first three steps are so important. 

  1. Find a Qualified Traffic Ticket Lawyer in North Carolina

After the traffic stop is over, consider contacting a traffic ticket lawyer in North Carolina. Our legal professionals can help you fight your ticket, and this process may be easier than you realize. Fighting a speeding ticket could be especially beneficial if you need your car for work. A few additional points on your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can lead to a suspension, and you might struggle with lost income as a result. Book your consultation with Coastal South Law today to discuss your options in more detail. 

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