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Is Speeding an Actual Crime in North Carolina?

Many people become confused after receiving a speeding ticket in North Carolina. Does this constitute an actual crime, or is it more like a parking ticket? Will you face criminal consequences, and does speeding go on your criminal record? What happens if you do. not pay your speeding ticket? Does a speeding ticket make you a criminal? These are all valid questions – and you may be concerned about how your speeding ticket affects your reputation going forward. 

Speeding Tickets are Usually “Traffic Infractions”

Most speeding tickets are categorized as “infractions.” An infraction is the least serious offense you can face in North Carolina, and it is not quite the same as a “crime.” Instead of getting a criminal record, you will simply have a certain number of points added to your license. You may also have to pay various fines. However, there is no possibility of incarceration for traffic infractions. 

That being said, it is still worth fighting your speeding ticket in many cases. Although you might not get a criminal record, you may face serious consequences after accumulating a certain number of points on your license. With enough points, your license will be suspended – potentially affecting your career and personal life. Some speeding tickets are worse than others – and the most serious variants cause hundreds of dollars in fines. 

Some Speeding Offenses Can Be Prosecuted as Crimes

With all that said, the most serious speeding offenses may be elevated to genuine criminal offenses. One example is excessive speeding, which involves breaking the speed limit by more than 15 miles per hour. If you are caught traveling at more than 80 miles per hour in certain areas, you may also face criminal consequences. This is a Class 3 misdemeanor in North Carolina. Related offenses include drag racing and reckless driving. Drag racing often involves high speeds – but not always. Reckless driving may involve a mixture of speed and unsafe behavior, such as weaving through traffic. You could face a Class 2 misdemeanor for these offenses. 

Should I Fight My Speeding Ticket in North Carolina?

It may be worth fighting your speeding ticket – regardless of whether you face a criminal charge or a traffic infraction. Both types of offenses can affect your life in many ways. That being said, it may be especially important to fight a criminal speeding ticket, as a conviction will go on your record. Speak with a qualified, experienced traffic ticket attorney to learn more about potential defense strategies. 

Find a Qualified Speeding Ticket Lawyer in North Carolina

If you are serious about addressing your speeding ticket in North Carolina, consider getting in touch with a qualified traffic ticket lawyer. These legal professionals can help you determine just how serious your speeding ticket really is. If you face legitimate criminal consequences for speeding in the Tar Heel State, it becomes even more important to address this concern with efficiency. Book your consultation with Coastal South Law at your earliest convenience to confidently fight your ticket. 

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