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Your Kid Drove Your Car Without Asking, and Now They are in Trouble With the Law

It is every parent's nightmare. Your kid took the car without asking, and now they are in trouble with the law. What do you do next?

If your child is a minor, then you may be held liable for their negligent actions. But if your child is over 18, then they will be held responsible for their own actions.

You should always consult with an attorney to determine the best course of action, but here are some general steps you can take.

  1. Try To Remain Calm and Collected

It can be difficult to remain calm and collected when your child is in trouble with the law, but it is important to try. Sure, this will be difficult, but it is important to show a calm and collected demeanor when speaking to your child on the phone. They need to see that you are still in control, even though they may have made a mistake.

By remaining calm and collected, you can encourage your child to do the same. Your child is likely already feeling anxious and guilty, and adding to their stress will not help the situation. Trying to relax, ask your child to exercise their right to remain silent so that they do not panic and say or do anything that might make them make wrong statements or further action.

  1. Talk to Your Child About What Happened and Why it Was Wrong

You should explain to your child that driving without permission is against the law. They could face serious consequences, such as a criminal record and even jail time. You should also explain that their actions have put other people in danger, which is why they were wrong.

It is important to stress to your child that they need to always ask for permission before taking the car, no matter how short the drive may be. They need to understand that getting into trouble with the law could have a negative impact on their future.

  1. Work With an Attorney to Develop a Plan to Make Things Right

It is important to work with a skilled attorney. Your attorney can help you understand the charges your child is facing and their potential consequences. They can also help you develop a plan to mitigate the damage and help your child get back on track.

You could go to court and fight, but a good lawyer might also suggest apologizing to the victim, paying for the damages, or doing community service. The goal here is to help your child work through this in the least damaging way while also helping them understand what they did wrong.

Coastal South Law

If you live in North Carolina and you find yourself in a situation where the police call you and inform you that your child has been arrested while driving your vehicle, you need to contact an attorney at Coastal South Law right away. We will help you get your child out of jail and handle all the legal proceedings that will follow.

It is important to take action quickly and not try to handle this situation on your own.

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