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Common North Carolina Speeding Violations

Speeding tickets are some of the most common traffic tickets North Carolina residents receive. Most people pay off their speeding tickets and move on with their lives. However, some speeding tickets carry serious consequences, especially if you already have points on your driver's license.

Being convicted of a speeding ticket could result in points on your driving record, insurance points, high ticket fees, and increased insurance costs. Your driver's license could be revoked if the speeding violation is serious enough. Some speeding tickets are also considered misdemeanor offenses, not merely traffic tickets.

Speeding Above the Posted Speed Limit

The majority of speeding tickets are for driving faster than the posted speed limit. In North Carolina, if there is no posted speed limit, the speed limit is 35 mph in a municipality and 55 miles outside of a municipality. On highways, the speed limit is 70 miles per hour. Most speeding tickets are considered traffic infractions, but if a driver is over 15 mph above the posted speed limit or driving at 80 mph or above, they could face a Class 3 misdemeanor charge.

Speeding Below the Posted Speed Limit

Driving at a too-low speed can also result in a traffic ticket. If you are driving too slowly on a highway in a way that impedes the normal flow of traffic, you could receive a ticket. Driving less than 40 mph on a road with a 55 mph speed limit or less than 45 mph on a road with a speed limit of 60 MPH or greater can also result in a speeding ticket.

Speeding in a School Zone

Speeding in a school zone or construction zone can result in a $250 traffic ticket. A conviction for speeding in a school zone can also include Insurance points.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a broad offense in North Carolina that includes driving carelessly and heedlessly and disregarding the safety of others or at a speed that could endanger others. It can be a Class 2 misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Street Racing

Street racing is unlawful in North Carolina, whether it be prearranged or not prearranged. A prearranged speed competition is a Class 1 misdemeanor with a penalty that includes a three-year driver's license suspension and possible seizure of the vehicle used in the speed competition. A non-prearranged speed competition is considered a Class 2 misdemeanor which can result in a one-year discretionary suspension of the driver's driver's license.

Charged With a Speeding Violation in Southeastern, NC? You Need an Aggressive Attorney on Your Side

If you received a traffic ticket for speeding or you have been charged with a misdemeanor related to speeding, you need an aggressive attorney on your side. Before you pay the ticket off, discussing your case with an attorney can help you understand your options. Working with an attorney to fight your traffic ticket could help you avoid fines, points on your driver's license, and expensive Insurance premiums. Contact the Southeastern North Carolina attorneys at Coastal South Law to schedule a case evaluation and learn how we can fight for you.

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